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Jessica Ross is an LGBTQ+ writer living in Los Angeles, working in digital, television, podcasts, branded, and board games. She was a cast member for CollegeHumor's Hardly Working series. Her sketch, The Straightest Dude Ever, has almost 10 million views to date. Prior, she was a Senior Writer for the company's branded content department, working with high-profile clients including Amazon, Netflix, and Coca-Cola. 

Jessica wrote and performed on several series for the streaming service,, including Kingpin Katie, Ultramechatron Team Go!, Dimension 20: Tiny Heist, and Um, Actually. She co-hosted the vodcast Erotic Clubhouse (formerly known as Erotic Book Club) along with pal Rekha Shankar. In addition, she's done freelance writing for Adult Swim, Amazon's Wondery, NBC's Red Nose Day, Riot Games, and Hunt A Killer

Her original pilot, The Witch of Dedham, advanced to the Second Round at the Austin Film Festival, placed Top 50 in the LaunchPad Pilot Competition, and was a Semi-Finalist in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices. Her spec script for What We Do In The Shadows also advanced to the Second Round at the Austin Film Festival.   

For many years, she wrote and performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater with the Maude Team Bombardier featuring Diona Reasonover (NCIS), Jocelyn DeBoer (Greener Grass), and John Milhiser (SNL). 

If you’d like to see more, check out her writing and acting reels.

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